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A friend of mine had Rebath finish her bathroom. She was really excited about it and saved for months. The workman Rebath sent was a felon and stole $6500 from her and he was arrested on this charge and two others. I have read some other reports on the internet about Rebath sending convicted felons into someone home who was a policeman and he threw them out. She was too trusting. She talked to Rebath and they just gave her some B/S. It was on channel five the local TV station who carried a story about it. Rebath will try to say that the people who report these things are fake but I have attached the TV site where you can read about it yourself. I just pray that no one is killed or raped by these people. How much does it cost to run a background check and drug screening? A few dollars? The amount they charge is high, they must be so greedy for a dollar that they care nothing about the people who they are suppose to service. ews/22538688/detail.html

8908 Nieman Road Overland Park, Kansas United States of America

(913) 671-8827

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