Rebecca “Becca” Hanel – Dickinson, North Dakota North Dakota


Rebecca Hanel, wannabe home wrecker. One of my best friends recently found out that while she was pregnant her fiance had playtime with MS. Hanel. She then got in contact with Becca who like the liar she is said they were just friends. Right after that Becca’s stupidly wrote the Fiance, and got her self caught. She obviously doesn’t care that she could of broken up a home. Knowing he had a pregnant fiance back home she came onto him, even kissing him without warning, and an affair started that lasted around 2 months. Yes, my friend stayed with her fiance cause of 3 years plus of history wasn’t worth letting Ms. piggy break it up. I personally think my friend is too good for him, and should of let Becca and her cheating fiance be together. Anyway just know this girl is scandalous and in no way has other females backs.

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