REC Warehouse Loudon Tennessee Review


I bought a 33′ pool from Rec Warehouse and used my own grader to do the grading because their installer was behind in his work . After it was ready for him, he did not come to inspect it like I had asked him and he ordered the sand delivered without contacting me. It has rained the night before and the sand truck sunk in the dirt about 12″. The delivery man used his bobcat to level it the best he could but did not use any leveling equipment like my grader man did. The original liner was defective and the installer wanted me to accept it and replace it the next spring. I refused and waited on a new liner. The manager of Rec Warehouse came out to see the problem with the unlevel pool and agreed to fix it . I did not trust his verbal word on it and had him sign an agreement to do so. He told me to wait until the end of July when the pool settled more. Now he refuses to help me and says it is between myself and the installer because I paid the installer directly. What a mistake that was. But the pool being unlevel is not the only problem. It has two or three huge creases on the bottom of the liner so I am not able to use my automatic vacuum. I am in the process of retaining a lawyer now. I do not want his installer back

he did a horrible job . I have found someone to fix the problem but I will have to drain the entire pool and I want them to reimburse me for the cost of the water. I know if we go to court

the fact that I have it in writing with his signature will most likely be enough . I am amazed that they would be so hard nosed but I am a widow and I am sure that has a lot to do with it. They probably think I will just give up and go away. Boy are they WRONG !!!”

408 North Peters Road, Knoxville, Tennessee United States of America

865 470-8000

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