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Attended Phil Rosenberg’s 2-hour free webinar entitled “Resume Secrets.” Signed up for his $597.00 package that is supposed to greatly help job seekers in their search. Entered my credit card information, it got approved, and that’s the last I heard from this creep. Never received the emails with the links to the information. Never received any phone numbers nor are there any phone numbers on his presentation nor on his website. Beware – no phone numbers means no intention to provide the service. I spent the next 3 days emailing him, even found his personal email and tried that. Also emailed his webmaster. All attempts to receive the information I had paid almost $600 for were for no avail. I am now in the process of having to dispute the phony charges with my credit card company. So, here I sit, no job, and I’ve just been scammed by Phil Rosenberg out of $597.00 and I am spending my time dealing with my bank to recover my money. Don’t waste your time or money with this scam artist. .

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