Red River Speedway Review


Prior to July 3, 2015 Red River Speedway agreed to pay Dr. Danger Stunts $2000.00 to perform at the July 3, 2015 races at Red River Speedway. Dr. Danger Stunts, known nationallly for headlining a full season on the History Channel and recently a very successful appearance on America’s Got Talent performed several local events prior to appearing at the racetrack to advertise the event for the speedway. The show that Dr. Danger Stunts put on on the eveniing of July 3, 2015 was in fact the largest show that had ever been done previous to this. At the end of the night, instead of paying for the show as agreed upon, the track owner claimed that a fan/observer/passerby had inhaled ‘fumes’ and the speedway would not pay the talent as agreed upon. Every one at the event paid a consideralble premium above and beyond the usual ticket price to cover the additional expense involved in Dr.Danger Stunts performing at this event, personnel flew in from 3 seperate states to perform for this crowd. The ripoff here is obvious, Red River Speedway contracted Dr. Danger Stunts to perform and then refused to pay them using a contrived ‘magic beans’ story, and they defrauded the public by over charging for tickets in anticipation of stiffing the talent afterwards. It is hard to find someone that Red River Speedway did not defraud or steal from in this instance.

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