Red Roof Inn Shoreview Minnesota Review


I stayed at this location from 20 May through 24 May 2009. Sometime on the night of the 23rd, their boiler system blew and caused the entire hotel to have no hot water. Upon checkout on the 24th, I was told that I would receive a 50% refund for the night of the 23rd for the inconvenience. I had paid for two rooms, so the refund came to 58.63. nI paid upfront in cash, and they did not have that cash on hand. I was told you will receive a refund check next week from the manager, who writes all checks. Nothing was received that week, nor the following week. nI called the hotel directly, and the manager had gone home already (it was only 3pm). Left voicemail, and he called me back 3 days later. Said oh yes, check has been cut by corporate office in Columbus, Ohio, I should receive it in a day or so. nNOTHING! No check, no nothing. I contacted customer service at red Roof by email, they said they would file a complaint for me. That was ten days ago, and still no check. nI called the customer service number, and Chris told me he couldn’t see if a check was ever written or not, and needed to transfer me to the corporate office. I got transferred and then voicemail said sorry not available, leave a number we will call you back within 24 hours. nI find it totally unnacceptable that a company of their size and stature can take so long holding onto someone’s money. The lesson learned is to pay with debit/credit card so chanrges can be disputed if refunds are not received. nI am planning another trip back to OH this fall, and I can tell you this I will NOT be staying with RedRoof, even though it is close to the location I will be visiting. I am more than happy to pay more and stay a bit further away. nRwtodd2007nShoreview, MinnesotaU.S.A.

4166 State Route 306 Willoughby, Ohio U.S.A.



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