Red Skelton Review


Do your research people before investing in this company! If you are looking to sell your Red Skelton artwork, you may come and/or Art Corporation of America. They are the same company! | 1) Google William Mett, and you will see he went to prison for selling fraudulent art as well as embezzling millions from the employee pension fund. | 2) Take a few months to track the stuff on, under the courtesy resale section. In the past 6 months, no artwork has sold, just new ones added. | 3) If you want to list your artwork for sale on, make sure you are okay with your home address, being listed on this site…now everyone knows you have artwork in your home AND where you live. | 4) Ask them to see a printout of their website traffic. According to website, they get LESS THAN 10 hits a day! That’s not a whole lot of traffic coming to buy your artwork! | 5) I checked with a lawyer and my insurance company, b/c Mr. Mett says he can authenticate artwork solely from emailed photos. They both said no reputable appraiser would use photos. Neither of these companies suggested using an online company like this. | 6) Ask to come look at their gallery. Their address listed is a UPS location with PO boxes. | 7) Get a second opinion before giving this company any of your money. Ask around what Red Skelton artwork is worth…research it on ebay and other websites. From the research I’ve done, it’s only worth a few hundred dollars…so why spend a few hundred dollars on a Certificate. They may TELL you it is worth much more…but do your own research people. People can SAY anything, but it doesn’t make it true.


  • Name: Red Skelton
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 1350 East Flamingo Road #773
  • Phone: 702-736-1787
  • Website:

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