Redbox klamath falls Oregon Review


To give them even one star kills me. I started using RB about three months ago. THREE different times in three short months I reserved movies only to get there and find the machine wasn’t working. I called and complained all three times; the first two times, the best they could do was issue ONE credit= $1.20 for my trouble. I spent more in gas getting to their BOX. The third time however the best they could do was refund my money. NO CREDITS. Even the manager said NO CREDITS for my trouble. I still am in disbelief about this……These inconveniences have caused me to research other companies that can stream videos directly to my computer/TV. I didn’t do it before because I was lazy. I will now for sure, and I warn you, RB has a LONG history of cheating people out of money. Just read the reviews online. They are EVERYWHERE. I would NEVER trust RB with my credit information, and this lesson cost me a few bucks, but thankfully I wasn’t one of their victims getting $50 (or more) charges on a credit card statement, or worse yet being turned over to collections because THEY said I didn’t return a movie.I would encourage everyone to stop using RB so they can go out of business. I look forward to that day because it WILL happen; it’s just a matter of time.

Seattle, Washington USA

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