Regency Camera sebastopol CA Review


I called Regency Camera to order a Canon Camcorder Model ZR30 because of the low prices online, specifically $515 for this camera. They told me I needed to also order a battery for 4 hours, because the camera would come with one good for only 20 minutes. They also said I had to have a battery re-charger to make it work.nThe wrong camera was sent, the lower model ZR25! I found out immediately that it CAME with a 2 hour battery and this could easily be recharged by plugging it into an outlet, which I did.. I had paid $250 extra for nothing!! Also, the “4 hour battery”” I had bought for $129 was a 2 hour battery. And this was the same one already in the camera!!nI couldn’t return anything because the returns policy says within 7 days

and it took 7 days via UPS for me to get the package.”

196 Ave U Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.

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