Regenere Skin Review


I saw an ad for skin cream while on a different web site. Promotional offer of $4.95 each for two items which were shipped and received. Payment was made by a debit card. No confirmation or shipping emails were sent for the order, thus leaving me with no contact information. Upon further research I discovered that I signed up for a never ending subscription for a total of $174.87 per month. Cancellation needed to be done within 14 days to avoid this from happening. On day 13, after finally locating business contact information from an internet search I tried calling the company many times and the line was always busy. I then sent an email cancelling my subscription and further orders which went unanswered. My bank account was debited the $174.87 on day 13 and I sent another email demanding the return of the funds they withdrew. Needless to say, no response was received.

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