Relocator Review


The scammer used the realtors names in the email address to make it look like it was sent from them. They also used the realtors pictures in the email as well.They also mentioned the lenders name in the email.For an example I will use these names as followed in the listed quote below in place of the realtors names and Leander:•Leander well just call “green”•realtors well just call “blue and red”Here is what the email stated:Hi “blank”,Green and I are creating an account at on your behalf. We’re so glad your here! Here are a few things for your reference and to help you get started.Access your account:Log on to access your moving checklist, preferred partner community, helpful moving resources and more.Click the link below to access your account and change your password.“Link was listed below”Moving concierge courtesy callA Relocator agent will call you soon to help simplify your move.Thank you and congratulations on your new home.-Blue and red (realtors names wer used)Shortly after the account was createdA “Bryan” called to fulfill the moving needs, cable was talked about along with other things they had to offer to simplify your life….Bryan, also was aware of other personal information no one would be aware of except for other business professionals that wer envolved and those professionals would not have given out that kind of information….My guess is somehow he or they gathered our information and was setting this up to gather even more info to do god knows what with….. as far as I’m concerned he had enough info to make me question,“ what else does he or they know”… do they have other personal information about me to create identity fraud?From my opinion they or he all ready did,When they chose to imposter as the realtors I’m working with.. he made it seem as though the email was sent from them……In my opinion this could most defiantly be fraud? I’m not saying it is…it’s just highly suspicious… and I hope and pray it’s not!

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