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Complaint: 3 weeks ago I replied to an add on Craigslist looking for apprentice engine machinists on behalf of my boyfriend. The whole time he worked their he had a bad vibe. We purchased 200 worth of the $400 in tools required to do this job which was stated would come out of his pay if these parts weren’t purchased. They hired my boyfriend and he worked for this man Dean Winters in this little ehop in Gary where him and his woman/secretary lived with him in the back. They had my boyfriend rebuilding heads which he had done in the past but needed some refreshing on doing which was understood upon hiring him. He was grateful for the job and all he learned although this man consistently threatened his job and would act bipolar towards him. He consistently came home and studied various techniques that Dean recommended. One day he would complement the job he was doing the next he would threaten to fire him over something dumb. He stated he had fired 350 employees and been to court 25 times as well as 9 months in jail. Out of curiosity I googled this man. I found all these reports that this man had ripped off at least 25 people and my boyfriend saw where the engines were payed out and matched them to reports up to 3 years old. The next day he stopped kissing his a** and to make a long story short my boyfriend lost his job for mumbling. He demanded that he would get paid on that day and left the job taking our 200 worth of tools which made approximately 600 since their were holidays these weeks. he looks as though he is on the move all his things are packed in a truck outside as if he is ready to go at any minute. Just in case a class action lawsuit was served I wanted to let these people know he can be located at 3809 Garfield Street, Gary IN 46408 and Dean Winter seems to be an alcoholic that got over his head in work and sometimes according to my boyfriend rigs engines so they are bound to break eventually. I hope that justice is served for my boyfriend was keeping our family fed and bills paid for a few weeks we thought he had an actual opportunity go learn to rebuild engines which he was let down by the fact he really enjoyed learning this trade. Sorry for the bogus business this man did, he will probably get up and leave when served with a lawsuit.

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: 3809 Garfield Street Gary, Indiana USA


Phone: 1-800-575-6998

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