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Complaint: i have been tricked into signing buyer agreement form by mr kanwaljit channe working with Remax Kings Reality Inc. he became friends to me when i was livinf next to his house in 2010. he volunteered to help me as a friend to look for a house. he did not explain that we have to give him any commision. he was helping u friend. He asked me and my wife (who do not read or write english ) to sign buyer agreement fprms. when we asked ,’what it is for’? He said , “dont worry just sign

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Address: it is just a formailty which gives me the authority to talk on your behalf to the sellers and part of my work ethic and for Insurance purpose. we were sitting in his car when he asked us sign. we told him that let me show these papers to my friend who knows English. He said I am your friend so trust me. He showed us few houses which we di not like. One day i saw some houses being build by builders. I phoned my friend Kanwaljit Channe. he came to the location and said go ahead and buy. It is a nice house. he told me to write a cheque immidiately and give it to the builder. He did not say anything about his commission. Now after 6 months he end a letter through a Lawyer for $9500. 2.5% as commission and HST. Seller make money not buyer. If he wants should go to the Builder from whom i bought the house

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Phone: he made some money not me. I just got into accident and lost my job. I am finding difficult in paying my monthly mortgage payments as my just started working at minimum wages and soon going to be laid off. On top of that he send me letter from a lawyer. this is happening a lot in Indian community where Real estate agents are taking advantage of people who do not know english and trust people for what they are saying verbally. It has to be stopped. Remax Kings reality should take action against their people who are doing this kind of fraud and ripping off people . Not only Real estate people but Insurance agents too. I need help or else I am in big trouble. No job

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