Renova Energy is defrauding and misleading the people of Palm Desert!


Iím writing this complaint on the behalf of my uncle and aunt. They live in California and they recently decided to get solar installed at their residence. Some sales guys from Renova Energy were really eager to defraud my aunt and they persuaded her into a long contract with the company.

My aunt told me about this recently. I donít visit them very often but I help them book flights and travel. My aunt and uncle are simple people, and Renova Energy took advantage of their nativity.

My aunt tells me that they have installed a hideous system on the roof which looks quite appalling and it is doing damage to the property value. She has complained that the installation process was very slow and bothersome as well. The roof not only looks hideous but when they tried asking for some adjustments, they were denied help. My aunt has tried emailing them on [email protected] but she tells me she has yet to receive a reply.

I have solar installed at my house in Miami and I faced none of the issues my poor aunt and uncle had to go through with Renova. I strongly suggest anyone from Cali avoid this company. They are taking advantage of old people and trying to make a quick buck. My friend who lives in California has Cosmic Solar Inc and she never complains about it.

They are not allowing me to post my review on their online listings. I tried posting on this site called solar reviews dot com and my post hasnít been up yet. I wonder how many others have tried complaining but their gripes were never published. Something very fishy and possibly illegal is going on here and Iíll get to the bottom of this. These scammers wonít get away with their fraud!

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