Rent A Center Dexter Maine Review


i have been ripoff for 3years by rent a center. i have bought 8 to 12 compter from them and nothing but junk. they came into my business here and i started to tell them what i saw in the computer that they are suppose to clean them out when they are returned so i called they superviser he came to say he would talk with them but people personal information was left in the computer i had just got from them and they clean it .what a joke they came to get money for the computer i told them i wouldnt have it till friday and they said we are taking computer then well they are in a place of business and one of the guys was going to jump behind my counter and we had to customers here well tempers got hot and i lost to customers because of these guys and they still have there jobs. well superviser came to see me and got think all set , well im sick of rent a center and want my money back or they dont get this computer i pay 42.00 a week and still having trouble with dexter store nJoycenDexter, MaineU.S.A.

Main Street Dexter, Maine U.S.A.


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