Rent Center Kansas City Kansas Review


I had a item that i took from rent a center it was a playstation3. I learned from my own stupidity to never use this company again. It was a 63 week agreement for like 34.34 or something really close to that. I lost my job at week 38 and wasnt able to make my payments, including my credit cards and other bills. I filed Chapter 13 bankrupcy. nMy dad is a bankrupcy lawyer for 30 plus years and is filing my bk for me. Well Rent a center starts there strong arm collecting tactics. It got to the point to where they were knocking my door so hard that pictures were falling off and kept ringing my doorbell consistantly on purpose. nWe finally had enough and came out of the house to confront them. These guys start using the F word pretty frequently nobody talks to my wife that way. I told them we filed chapter 13 on them two weeks before we filed and advised them they are violating the automatic stay( even though rent a center says they dont have to follow it which is bs) THis clown they call a manager tells us that we cannot file bankrupcy cause its considered rent. nWell sorry to break it to ya missouri considers it a lease agreement nice try. Then he brought up the theft issue kinda hard when you done payed twice what the thing is worth.Rac constracts considered a “exectory contract and they are able to be filed upon.This managers tells us well i hae been at rac for 8 yrs and know the law. my dad has been a bankrupcy lawyer for 30 yrs bozo. nI guess that highschool diploma you got is more advanced than a law degree. we told them to leave our property and he told us he dosent have to. So we call the cops and they arrived and made them leave. My dad who is very crafty at bk law took them to court. The judge did find they violated the stay only person that dosent have to abide by it is the feds. I got to keep my items and i got 6

000 in punitive damages to put into my bankrupcy. Thanx RAC nWhat i am saying is dont let them scare you there bark is bigger than there bite yea it might cost you a littlebut it was worth it to sticking it to them. nLewisnKansas City

KansasU.S.A.” Kansas Cty, Missouri U.S.A.

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