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To who this may concern, i am writing in regards to my previous landlord kevin Cheale. I had a one year lease with him during my rental tenacy. I was a very respectful tenant and payed my rent on time every month. During my tenancy kevin was very hard to talk to and was very unprofessional about dealing with issues with the unit. I truely believe that kevin trys to find ways to take advantage of his tenants. The deal was that if i left the lease early and a new tenant was found to take over the lease, the damage deposit would be returned if the place was in the original condition. If tenant was not found the damage deposit would be taken. I left the lease two months early after giving my one months notice and a tenent was found right away to take over the lease. I left the place in better conditon then first received and there was no damages to the unit. After telling me numerous times that the damage deposit would be returned if all requirements were met, he then went on to tell me 6 days after the move out that they decided to keep the full damage deposit of $450 and that if i did not agree for Kevin to take the deposit that he was going to file a dispute resolution against me for costs of addition cleaning of the unit. I am currently filling my own dispute resolution application against Kevin for my damage desposit back. After typing Kevin Cheale into google i was not at all suprised to see all the cases of kevin trying to scam his previous tentents all over the front page. Thats how i found this website, and i hope that my report helps any current or future tenants of kevins. i would advise anyone to never do any type of tenacy or business with Kevin Cheale, he is untrustworthy and try to take advantanage of his tenants at any cost.

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