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My mother moved into the house on 812 W 10th Street the end of April 2012. The house had roaches when she moved in and is not in great condition. Is has no air conditioning, so she was burning up during the summer months. She moved out the middle of December 2012 into her remodeled home. nRent today requested $4000 deposit. Now they are charging my mother $86.20 a day until the furniture is picked up. Brooks furniture came to pick up the furniture twice, but twice they refused because they say they saw roaches. The place has been fumigated twice. they place has been cleaned, but the base boards and walls have holes in them, so there are a few roaches coming in and out. The fumigation company says that’s normal because the house is old and not in good condition. nThey are frauding my mother. Lelani Nevascas from Rent Today said she would call me back concerning the problem Wednesday, but she has yet to call me back and today is Friday. I’m going to take them to court. I want the entire deposit returned to my mother. I have taken pictures of the house and will call anyone I can to report this fraud.

Ontario, California United States of America

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