Complaint: It took me months to figure out if I should help warn others due to their threats. I went online and searched for help in getting into an apartment and found them. I investigated them but didn’t find anything. But I later saw complaints on the web only after I got scammed. The website looks professional and I was somehow confident that I should go order their service. After putting in my order, I received an email to get another 20.00 from me for an application fee and to further sign more documents. I stared at the documents and refused to sign them. They asked for a total of over 400 more dollars to continue the process. tHEY NEVER SENT ANY INFO PRIOR TO MY PURCHASE SO THEY ARE LIARS. I asked for my money (250+20) back and the scammers stated that they couldn’t give me back my money because I decided to back out of the process. They state in other words that if you SEE THAT THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND DECIDE NOT TO PAY THE 400 THAT YOU ARE BACKING OUT OF THE PROCESS. THEY EVEN SAID IF YOU BACK OUT OF THE PROCESS THEY WILL CHARGE YOU A 100.00 FEE PLUS IF YOU DON’T PAY THEY WILL SEND YOUR INFO TO BANKS TO BE ON THE FRAUD LIST AND TAKE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AND USE IT AGAINST YOU TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU ARE THE SCAMMER. These are very evil scammers. Be AWARE. I listed everything they said below. Hello It has come to our attention that you have requested a refund from . We would be more than happy to grant you a refund as per your request. However, we invite you to first review our refund policy, terms of service, and consultation agreement below. This information was also provided to you before your purchase on the terms of service page and in the consultation agreement. Refund Policy:Our refund policy is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if does not fulfill our service agreement at the fault of Our service agreement is to provide our customers with a professional document presentation that entails a letter of recommendation, full rental application, rental history details, copy of our clientu2019s credit history (printed out by the customer), household income details, and criminal background information; which is presented to our customeru2019s chosen rental properties by the customer. Please Note that for to provide the marketed service the customer is required to submit their data input rental preapproval form. If the customer fails to submit their data input rental preapproval form is not at fault for the customeru2019s failure to submit the required information for our team to provide the agreed services.The information listed below is an excerpt from the terms of service and contract agreement. This information is and was available to all customers before any payments were submitted.Terms of Service/ Consultation Agreement EXCERPT:The client gives consent for management companies, landlords, corporate guarantors, rental related third-party companies, and to verify and contact their employer, income sources, personal & professional references for verifying submitted details and/or to investigate any potential fraud. The client agrees to be invoiced and pay a $100.00 cancellation and/or convenience fee for the following reasons: A. If the client is founded to have committed fraud against or our third party corporate partners.B. If the client breaches and/or unjustly cancels their contract agreement with before the agreed time allotted for services to be fully performed.Who qualifies to receive a refund?A. Clients who submitted their payment, order form, and data input rental preapproval form but did not receive their Rental Preapproval Package within 5 business days at fault of does not qualify for a refund?A. Customers who simply changed their mind for personal reasons and made a decision to cancel their legally binding agreement with at no professional fault of Customers who failed to sign, submit, upload and/or provide required documentation or information to allow our team to properly work on their case and perform the marketed service. How Does handle customers who:1. Breaches Contract and/or Terms of Service2. Commits fraud against or third party corporate partners3. Files a dispute with their Bank/ Financial Institution associated with the debit/credit card used in regard to their purchase based on falsehoods. Short Answer:A. The customeru2019s name, Legal ID Card, in association with their full personal identification details is added to the National DO NOT RENT TO LIST Reason: High Risk for Fraud and Contract Breach. This Fraud Alert may be reviewed by any management company or landlord that runs the customeru2019s credit report for application consideration.B. A fraud Alert is submitted to all credit reporting bureaus to be added to the customeru2019s credit profile. The fraud alert may be reviewed by any business or agency that runs the customeru2019s credit report for any reason for credit consideration. This action may result in the customeru2019s being declined for services offered by other private businesses. C. The $100.00 Cancellation/Convenience Fee invoiced to the customer for breaching their contract agreement. If the $100.00 cancellation fee is not paid within 72 hours from the date of the customeru2019s cancellation or fraud the $100.00 is immediately reported as a debt to the credit reporting bureaus under the customer’s credit profile; which may negatively impact the customeru2019s credit score.D. A fraud alert is sent to the customeru2019s banking institution associated with the debit or credit card used to pay for services. This may cause the customeru2019s bank account to shut down permanently or temporarily, as the final decision is up to the bank after they perform an internal investigation.E. The customeru2019s place of employment may be contacted daily by a third-party fraud investigation team to answer questions regarding the customeru2019s fraud investigation. F. The customeru2019s personal & professional references listed on any credit application the customer has filled out, including with third party companies, may be contacted daily by a third-party fraud investigation team to answer questions regarding the customeru2019s fraud investigation. To prevent abuse of our service we do fight unjust and unfounded disputes based on falsehoods to the fullest extent of the law by providing proof of service with undisputed evidence including ip addresses, credit/debit card information, extensive screen shots of services provided of the case, and a copy of our terms of service to both the financial institution of the customer and to the judge in small claims court in your local jurisdiction, in addiction we will seek additional fees to cover our legal expenses.Please Note: After completion of our investigation into the customeru2019s fraudulent activity the following actions will be executed:1. Our fraud and legal research team will forward your investigation file to law enforcement and legal counsel. Legal counsel will pursue both civil and criminal action against the customer.2. The customeru2019s fraud investigation file will be sent to their listed place of employment and personal references via fax and/or postal mail. 3. Our legal team will submit a fraud claim on your credit report so that any company running your credit report for any purpose will be properly warned of your history of defrauding companies. Please Note: Our third-party fraud investigation team accepts no liability if the fraud claim placed on the customeru2019s credit report prevents them from being approved for a credit application with a business.4. If you are fired, suspended, or quit from your place of employment and our research team discovers that you are employed with a new employer our legal team will contact and inform your new employer of your fraudulent activity with our company. 5. Our legal team will submit our fraud claim on a public website centered on reporting known consumer fraud suspects along with the picture from your legal identification card and documentation proving you defrauded our client business. This information will appear if anyone types your name on a search engine, like google, bing, etc. Our third-party fraud team does this to protect and alert other businesses from experiencing the customeru2019s history of fraud. #### your refund request is currently under review. Please allow up to 24 to 72 hours for a member of our review team to process your request and respond with an approval or denial of your request. If you have questions or concerns that have not been covered in this email message, you may reply to this message to reach an agent. Best Regards,

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