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ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION | Attention .All crimes in Nigeria | The preponderance of economic and financial crimes like Advance Fee | Fraud (419), Money Laundering, etc has had severe negative | consequences on Nigeria, including decreased Foreign Direct | Investments in the country and tainting of Nigeria’s national image. | The menace of these crimes and the recognition of the magnitude and | gravity of the situation led to the establishment of the Economic and | Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The legal instrument backing the | Commission is the attached EFCC (Establishment) Act 2002 and the | Commission has high-Level support from the Presidency, the Legislature | and key security and law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. | It is upon this that i as acting Chairman contact you to inform you of | the arrest and confiscation of the properties of Mr Fred ajuduwa A.k.a | too much money, Ade Bendel Aka the God Father & Mr kawo Benson Aka | kakudebensaon here in Nigeria. | From their trail it was discovered after their confessional statements | that they scammed you and several others from the United states and | United Kingdom respectively an unspecified amount of money before my | assumption of office as Chairman. | It is upon this that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission | decided after the auctioning of their Seized properties to compensate | all those that have lost money to these scammers either through Loan | Offers or A.T.M cards or Lotty and all so who claim to be an EFCC and | lawyer that was never issued or delivered or if issued was not real. | The Compensation is coming from the money realized by the Federal | Government after auctioning of their seized properties, ranging from | fleets of exotic cars, estates and a mini refinery belonging to the | Ghana National among the fraudsters. | You will be compensated respectively with the sum of $300,000.00Dollars each. | Your compensation money will be transferred to you through the United | Bank of Africa as soon as you write out and sign an authorization | letter authorizing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to | transfer your compensation money. | So i we want you to know that the transferring charges will be removed | from the compensating money so if you are already be scam by a nigerian only but if you have been scamed from order countries | we can still help so i will want you to get back to me direct via my email [email protected] | NOTE; OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE | Mr.OWEN


  • Name: Residential Capital, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: Minneapolis
  • Address: One Meridian Crossings
  • Phone: 952-857-8700
  • Website:

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