Resort Plus International Ft Lauderdale Florida Review


We attended their presentation after receiving a phone call and post card. We were told that we would need to attend a 90 presentation and would receive a free trip. nWe were impressed with the presentation and were interested. nWhen we said there was no way we could afford the $8000 one-time membership the membership was lowered to $3000. We did decide to purchase – this was on a Saturday in December 2011 – by Monday we decided we wanted to cancel after doing some investigating online and finding similar stories to ours. We called their offices in Orlando and sent both an email and certified letter but have not heard from them as of yet. When we called to say we wanted to cancel and wanted our money back we were told that they had a team lawyers andnthey would keep our money. According to Florida law you have three days to cancel a contract and they need to refund the deposit we put down. Also, the “FREE Trips”” offered for just attending would still cost us money to accept. From reading other reports what they show you and what they really offer is not the same. You can get the same prices or cheaper by using the online travel websites.nA warning – this is not what it seems.”

Orlando, Florida United States of America

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