Resorts International Unlimited Inc. Gallup New Mexico Review


We were contacted by one of their agents regarding the marketing of our timeshare. He assured us he could sell or rent it quickly–expressing so much confidence that if it didn’t sell or rent within 180 days they would give us two free tickets to one of 19 exotic world locations; claiming to be the only company with a guarantee like that. He stated the reason why he would have no problem marketing our property was that all his clients are corporations. The cost for of their services was $895 to be billed to our credit card. Since the timeshare did not rent within 180 days we asked for the “free”” travel vouchers. When we received them we realized that there was a catch–we had to use the hotel connected with the travel company booking the flight: Worldwide Travel Center; and that we had to stay a minimum number of days there. The hotel rate through their resort was prohibitively high

and we could not afford it; nor were we allowed to stay in our own Timeshare which was located at that destination. It has been nearly four years since we paid RIU their steep marketing fee and we have not heard from anyone in all those years–not from a customer or from the company. So we called RIU and asked them for advice regarding what would be a more competitive rate. I was given advice on a price to charge that would surely get a response

so we asked them to make that change. We still have not heard from anyone interested in our property. In short

we feel defrauded and deceived. What recourse do we have to recover our investment from this company?”

1936 Boothe Circle Longwood, Florida United States of America

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