I received a phone call from, Supposedly there are people willing to pay good money to rent my timeshare in Las Vegas. I would get $4,200 net for three weeks at Las Vegas, after the $900 deposit fee. I only have a week, but “Interval International, (a timeshare rental group I once belonged to 25 years ago), gives two free weeks when I go through this booking company”. “Everything will be recorded on the phone, there will be a separate verification line, we will send the contract by email. So will you put the $900 deposit on VISA?” So I asked why do I give them my visa number. “To show that I am serious.” “We will not charge your VISA until you have signed the contract. So what will be your VISA card to start the process?” What do you need the VISA number for now, before you send me a contract to sign? “For verification”. For verification of what, I asked. “You are much too paranoid to do business with us.” He hung up. The number he used to call me was 321-280-3034.. I demand Expose the scam. Stay away

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