We placed an order (ord #[protected]) through their online website for a 36″ high booth for my customer on 1/22/2016. The order confirmation showed everything being correct. We called back later to add a lift gate service to the delivery because this option was not available through the website. on the evening of 2/1, I received a call from my customer who is 200 miles away, that the booth is the wrong height. When we contacted them on 2/2, we were told that the error is on our end for placing the wrong order. We are responsible for paying return freight if we want a refund on the order. To expedite the process of getting a new booth to our customer while we sort things out with this company, we had to place a separate order for the correct booth. This is when things got very, very frustrating. To begin, they do not have the 36″ booth in stock. It is back ordered for 3 month! We have to pay an addl. $40 to have it “custom” made if we don’t want to wait. When we back tracked our paperwork, we saw that we did place the order correctly via the email confirmation on 1/21. We called them back on 2/4 to explain this to them and forwarded to them the email as proof that we did place the order correctly. We were told that their policy is such that “customers receive emails with a link to approve each order” before “production” begins. The person I spoke to, after 4 phone calls later, admitted to the fact that there is a human being who takes web order information from an external system and input into their internal system to generate a “confirmation” which they use to put the onus on the customer to do their job for them, e.g. to check and correct the human error they introduce. If we had called to place an order with a live customer rep, the process is completely different. My experience with internet order is that, if an order was placed correctly, the few things that can go wrong are: someone shipped the wrong item, an item is damaged during shipping, or the delivery company goofed. I had never heard of this process of “human translation” from one system to another. The whole point of placing orders by web is to remove human error. Yet this company purposely introduces a point where human error can happen and they expect you to correct their mistakes! The conclusions I can draw from this experience are as following: 1. they do not have the 36″ booth as we ordered to begin with 2. they are not willing to own up to their portion of the responsibility, albeit they made an error inputting our order into their system 3. the booth we ordered were stock items, yet they want us to approve things for “production” as if they are custom. Finally, their customer service rep Abe is very rude to us. He refused to provide information we requested such as the approval email they kept saying to us. The manager Julie is just as short, and repeat the same statement that “they only go by approved orders”. No one in the company would even address the fact that they were the ones introduced the mistake in the first place. As an interior design firm doing both residential and commercial projects, my firm deals with hundreds of vendors. I can honestly say this company is the least helpful and utterly lacking in customer service. Without saying, I won’t be ordering from this company again. I’d rather pay more and work with a reputable company with good customer service and attitude.

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