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I called Amy Edwards the owner of resume writing services called RESUME RESULT , on May 17 to write my resume, and she requested that I pay her $150 to start, and I sent her the $150 payment after 1 hr through PayPal. I have emailed her the two positions I need on my resume, and I asked her to review my LinkedIn page for information about my Doroops business, she told me she needed 5 business days to finish my resume and to email it to me. On June 4th, I contacted her again (still no resume after the 5 promised days), she told me she told me it would be sent o me on June 6. It’s now June 7th, and I’m tired of waiting, I still have no resume and I asked her to refund my money, but she refuses, I know I will not see my resume, she ripped me off, it was my mistake to trust her. | I’m sure she never read my emails, and she will not refund my money, she ripped me off. | she keeps sending me a questionary list, and I keep sending her my answers, I’m tired from her games .and al io need is to refund my money.


  • Name: Resume Results
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: DENVER
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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