Complaint: A 16 year old could write a better resume. I received one ridiculous excuse for a resume after another. Nothing was spelled right, the formatting was beyond poor. I was emailed a “finalu201d copy however the attachment had a watermark and a smiley face across it but no text. I told them about it; I was told to “”approveu201d the final version to view it. I said no. They insisted that was the only way for me to view the final draft. I wrote a note on their site that I was only approving it so I could see the draft. This version was even more of a disaster. This company took my money and gave me nothing in return. Iu2019ve asked for a refund

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Address: they have declined. They false advertised and quite frankly it was fraudulent to hold the final result “”hostageu201d and told I had to approve it against my will in order to see the diasterous outcome. Bottom line folks use the free templates online or on your computer.”


Phone: California United States

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