RevShareMedia, Inc. Review


In May, 2016, I was contacted by hone by Joe Franco with a proposal to build a website and run campaigns that would generate no less than 30% on the money I put into the venture. He said I had to purchase Leads from, for no less that $5,000 worth. He asked me to make a deposit of $1,000 into FastRank’s Bank of America account, and that I could not use credit card for the transaction. I explained to him that I new very little about running campaigns, the nature of the transaction RevShare would engage in. I was told that they would do the 1st campaign while I was learning from the Coach, so that I would be able to do the second campaign. RevShare would receive 20% of the profit proceeds. The projected amount of the campaign according to RevShare would be close to $200,000. | After I made the deposit of $5,000 I was required to email the deposit receipt to Joe Franco. Aisha called me to set up a training schedule with Marcel. Soon after it began, Joe called me to inform me that I needed to purchase a dedicated server along with additional Leads from FastRank. for an additional $20,000. I explained that I did not have that kind of money. He said that since I have an IRA account (which information was gathered when profiled), I should use it as I would be able to replace the amount in a short period. I explained that I was 62 years old and did not want to lose the money as I was depending on it to help with retirement. He encouraged me that I will be happy with the result. Again, I had to purchase $20,000 dedicated server/Leads for FastRank. | The first campaign scheduled date conflicted with me having a death in my family. I informed Marcel that I had to take time off to handle funeral arrangements. Soon after that event, I contacted Marcel to resume training. I had to set up Godaddy and other accounts where I had to pay monthly fees. The training process was always rushed, with Marcel doing what I could not understand. At one point I had to tell him that I was not understanding what was being done, if I am expected to do a second campaign on my own. I realized that I would call in for scheduled sessions/trainings and would get no response, or if I did, it would be for 15 to 20 minutes, so I asked Marcel to set a Campaign date so that we could use it as a goal. When Marcel said he was ready for the campaign, he asked me to get the leads from FastRank and forward them to him. I did. He said he did the campaign. There was not a single response from the campaign. I asked Marcel why the campaign provided no result; he said he would have to check with others in RevShare for help because he did not know why. He then transferred me to another of his collegue – Al, however I got nowhere with Al as none of my calls or messages left, were returned. I contacted Marcel again to let me know that I had received no help from Al. After that, I would call Marcel and get no answers, after he promised to see what could be done otherwise to help me not lose the money I spent. | At the beginning of my dealing with FastRank, it had a Chat line, but later the line disappeared. I tried to no avail to get a formal receipt from them for the purchases I made. They have a fake phone number on their website that does not work. It is my opinion that RevShare and FastRank connive to deceive, scam to extort money from individuals under the pretense that they are legitimate businesses who will help individuals, instead they are operating what seems to be a ponzi scheme. I have made two appeals to Frank Bishop on RevShare’s website, where you are given an opportunity to contact him directly, and he guarantees that he will respond to your inquiry. He has not responded to either of my email left on their website. At one point I called Joe Franco to inform him that I was not getting them to stick with the campaign/training schedule, and that I was leary about how I had put over 50% of my IRA funds into this venture and could not afford to lose it. I need it to retire soon. His response to me in a basically rude manner was that I should claim it as a loss on my taxes. Claiming it as a loss will not give me $25,000 to restore my IRA funds.


  • Name: RevShareMedia, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Irvine
  • Address: 2151 Dupont Drive
  • Phone: 866-560-6540
  • Website:

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