Reymie Lopez Krefting, Vancouver BC


If you ever meet a woman name Reymie Lopez Krefting, Vancouver BC, Avoid her at all cost she is bad news. She wants a husband who will give her his income, while during your entire relationship, she will go behind your back and screw any young man or boy that is willing to regardless of their age, no matter if you’re married or dating her, she is a Complete S**t! She even screwed a guy, first chance she got, only days after getting married! And watch out, she’ll give you an STD as well, from all the extra relationship activities she’s involved with! She will lie to you, repeatedly without any remorse or care! She goes on f***buddy sites also and finds guys willing, or young boys from high school, it really doesn’t matter to her! She will ruin your life with it all, and not blink an eye, just move on to the next, and repeat it with them! I hope she goes to hell!

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