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Complaint: I adopted a dog from a couple and tried to transfer ownership of the pet’s microchip ID tag. The owners had forgotten their login on the PetKeyID site and said they also had registered on this site. It looks like they were scammed too and did not even know it. I followed through with the registration and made the payment of $19.95. After I made the payment, I was not able to access any type of account or edit my information. I proceeded to register more information and the infoirmation saved without paying. I tried to find a contact number but they have no phone number and no physical address. I contacted the only email they provided and have not received any response to the multiple emails I have sent. I am trying to get a hold of paypal to get my money refunded. When I went through the actual registration process, the other companies had never heard of any of sites that RFID-USA had provided. Apparently they are not recognized at all in the microchip database. Our vet also had no clue about this site. They use RFID-USA.com, RegisterMicrochip.com, and MicrochipDatabase.com. All of these websites will direct you to the same scam page. Do not waste your money on this. -Dave Hamilton [email protected]

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Internet USA

Website: registermicrochip.com/rfid_usa


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