Rhodes Ranch Hoa Security Review


Rhodes Ranch tries to sell an idea of an Asian or White exclusive community. The truth is that they are the most severe bullying group of HOA in Las Vegas, NV. The pool is full of African-Americans and Latino mixed African Americans- wich is fine… except for the FACT that they know that the majority of the community activities that they use as thier selling points are made up of obnoxious children NOT acompanied by responsible parents, wich all happen to be newly gathered section 8 patrons from North Las Vegas. These ghetto folks have over ran the streets when school lets out. they reek absolute HAVOC on innocent, sweet children of all ages elementary through high school that thought they bought into an upper-middle class dream. Many of our neighbors, long time friends, and alumni have accepted that we needed to sell before it tanked to it’s inevitable low. Unsure at first, I believe it was the best decision. | Funny note, all of the pictures online show an empty pool. You will NEVER SEE IF FULL OF CHAOS- NOTHING BUT AFRICAN AMERICAN AND HISPANIC CHILDREN bullying and disrupting peace. It is not the peaceful serenity that they pirtray in thier sales. The pool is no good. If the golf course is the only place you will visit, you may be safe from a pletora of unwanted violence and degradation. | The HOA is run by a few typical HOA idiots. Except, there is a measurable state of bullying by a boy named Jeff who sees himself as the one Alpha in a sad group of uneducated, power-tripping, incapable, incompetent, impotent, lathargic, uncompassionate, beligertent, antagonistic, extremly unprofessional, spiteful, devious and phoney set of people. They have a calculated, well thought out schedule of staged “set ups” they will use to control a person they feel has challanged thier legitamacy. These newer schemes are headed by Jeff who acts as the one deep voice and big body behind all the other pathetic predators who seek out “legitamite” forms of ways to try to fine people with minor shade of discoloration or personal vendetas. | The HOA will also not allow any compromises once you have been assaulted with charges. Some nieghbors have won in court, but it takes time, energy, pride, and a fight. They refuse to listen, accept any incoming pictures, tetimonials, or any unfavorable documentaion. They will FORCE YOU OUT OF THIER HOA OFFICE IF YOU TRY TO PROVIDE THEM WITH ANY RELEVENT DOCUMENTATION IF IT IS NOT IN FAVOR OF A FINE. These people are uneducated and on a serious power trip. You can talk common sense to them. You can be kind, patient, and full of resolve, but they will only iuse that against you. | In closing, Rhodes Ranch HOA in Las Vegas, NV is full of that will lead you to strife. The HOA will hunt you as if you were an enemy. They will never treat you as a human being. They will never think to maybe treat you with respect. They will prey upon you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT RHODES RANCH IN LAS VEGAS, NV. IT IS NOT THE “DREAM” IN THE PICTURES. THEY ARE CRIMINALS, AND YOU CAN FIND A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.


  • Name: Rhodes Ranch Hoa Security
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 7901 S Durango Dr
  • Phone: 702-736-2150
  • Website: www.myrhodesranch.com

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