Rhonda Binstock Alabama


Complaint: My name is Darren, I`m a single 38 year old man who lives in Toronto. I work long hours so rarley get the oppurunity to go out and meet people. My friend suggested to try plenty of fish dating site. This is where I came across and met Rhonda Binstock. On our first few dates she seemed to be a good hearted women. As we continued seeing each other her true character started coming out. First off this women drinks herself into a terrrible state where not only is she loud and embarasing to be around, she also becomes extremely rude, aggresive and abusive. I noticed that on our dates as her alcohol consumption increased she kept going to the bathroom time after time after time. This struck me as a little odd. I later found out it was to consume cocaine. When I tried to end our relatioship she started threatening me that she would call the police on me and tell them I beat her up. She told me she had done this before. as reading in her rip off report biography i see that this was true. Jonathan Abramson is mentioned in her reports. I would like it to be clear that in the province of Ontario a women can easily take advantage of our judicial system. She can very easily contact the police and make or embelish accusations about abuse to the police.wether or not it is true the police will come and arrest the individual being accused. he will have to go to court to defend himself and once released on bail a women can continue to make false accusations there by destroying an individauls reputation and causing serious harm. This is common knowledge. After rhondas threats I immadialtey went to the police and explained my problem with this psycho women, the police informed me that this is not the first time complaints like mine have come up about rhonda. The police informed me that unfortunatley women can abuse the system as did Rhonda. I hope that if there are any men out there looking to date Rhonda they will reconsider given her reputation.

Tags: Drunks

Address: torotnto, Ontario Canada



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