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Complaint: There is no doubt that Rich Thurman is skilled and talented. That is why I hired him on a $4,000/month retainer. Here is a sample of the results I experienced in six months of his services; u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to perform SEO. The result? Never done. u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to perform PPC. The result? Never done. u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to increase traffic to our site. The result? Almost no increase in traffic. u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to increase sales. The result? The overall increase in sales during the six months was $15,600. We spent over $26,000 for his services, a net loss of $10,400 and a waste of six months of our time. u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to do attend scheduled weekly phone meetings. The result? He seldom attended. u2022 Mr. Thurman agreed to establish CSV file communications with our shipping company to upload orders and to receive CSV files back from them to upload into InfusionSoft so we could send out emails to customers informing them of their tracking and shipping information. He was paid for this service and after several glitches, it finally worked. The very day we notified Mr. Thurman of our intention to terminate his services; he TURNED OFF ALL OF OUR SHIPPING FUNCTIONS. The result? All of our orders have to be manually inputted to the shipping company and customers are no longer sent emails with their tracking information. Mr. Thurman had placed our paid-for shipping functionality on his own server without our permission or informing us and he promptly turned off all shipping functions. This has cost us additional money for order entry and Customer Service functions while causing a great deal of customer dissatisfaction. u2022 Now, Mr. Thurman has offered to turn this shipping functionality back on for $2,000 and charge a fee of $997/month for a service he has already been paid for. Does the word extortion come to mind? Mr Thurman decided he wanted to boost his star ranking, so he deleted my review and had his wife post a review for her husband. By manipulating his reviews, he is now back to 5 stars and people who depend on reviews to make Consultant decisions are being duped.

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Address: 11 West Boston Street STE2b Chandler, Arizona USA


Phone: 480-267-6221

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