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Complaint: my car was totaled in 2008, so I purchased a car after hurricane gustav hit the new orleans area. I went through the internet sales got pre approved, then brought all the paperwork needed like W-2 check stuubs bank statments etc application was filled and I gave them a check to hold untill everything was final. They ran the check so i had to pay the DA in the area for a bad check but the money order was cashed and clear, all was good, financing was done through Citifinancial. After 45 days i get a thank you letter from the prez of the dealership. I didnt get a payment booklet so i called and citifinancial said they dont give them but didnt have my paper work. I called the dealer they said It has been sent, but citifinacial is having issues. I sent multi payments but no response from citifinacial. 13 months from the date of purchase no one called to get the car or tell me we had financing issues. A auto theft affidavit was filed and inaug 2009, 2010 it was signed by a judge. I had to spend 5 days in jail and currently fighting felony auto theft chares. This is just opposite of the sytem we call justice. They will place a father, clinic owner, little league coach president of a neighborhodd rec club, husband, and community person in the same position as a rapest or felon when I have all the contracts purchase agreements and money order showing it was a purchase. There was not ever calls or repo’s attempted or made. when is buying a car from a dealer a theft. when is it ever ok to wait 13 months to report a car stolen. Did this dealer collect ins money did they right it off on taxes. No one seems to know but I have lost thousands not to mention the name defemation and possible loss if professional Lic. If anyone can help point me in the right direction it would not only help me but my employees kids and hudreds of kids i coach the community I live it. It was bad enough to lose everything in Katrina and again in gustav but to possibly have a record that will change life forever would be the Just-us system.

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