Richard Wilson Ladue Missouri Review


I was contacted by Richard Wilson with Winrock Plaza Resorts, because I had been searching to get rid of my timeshare, Richard informed me had a buyer by the name of Betty Johnson who had put a deposit in place of $3500.00 l, gave me some bogus client ID # for Ms. Johnson of J94817945. The purchase price for my timeshare was $22,700. I had to pay $50.52 for a transfer fee, $99.48 for a Title Search and $17.00 for the money transfer. I was informed the money for the timeshare would be wired to my account in 30 days. Meanwhile I received a text on 511/17 at 1:48 pm from Western Union stating the money had been picked up By a Paula Reese . I tried sending Richard emails even before the thirty days I got no response, he didn’t answer phone calls and now email, and phone are non-existent. I’m Out of about $168.00 because I trusted Richard especially after he talk about his children and telling them You have to treat people right.



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