Richmond Kosher Bakery Review


Regarding: Very Serious Complaint | Regarding: Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Richmond Kosher Bakery | About two (2) years ago, I had written a letter to Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner of Richmond Kosher Bakery to do a Barter with whereby I would be Voluntarily Promoting His Bakery on to Social Media and making several Youtube Videos in Exchange For A Birthday Cake! | At that time he did Not Respond Back To Me which is fine, however, back on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, I wrote back again to Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner of Richmond Kosher Bakery to see if he was Interested and this time around he called ME back and left me a verbal message informing ME that he was Interested and asked ME to send him samples of my Social Media Reviews and Youtube Videos. | I did as he had requested and then he responded back to ME again, via email Expressing Even Further Interest and he even asked ME to tell him what kind of cake I wanted, how many slices I want which was (20), etc. and was asked when to come in to his bakery to pick up the Free Cake as well! | Moving Right Along: We therefore made an arrangement for ME to pick up the Cake and He Never Said A Word About ME having to Pay Him A Penny For The Cake Since We Had Agreed To A Barter through the back and forth emails and brief conversations that I have as proof. | Moving Right Along: On the Very Morning of my Birthday, being Thursday, February 13th, 2020, when I had arrived at the Richmond Kosher Bakery to pick up the cake, Mr. Raviv Stopnicki was Not Even There To Give Me The Cake, Nor Greet ME! | Instead, he had his two (2) female assistants there and they both were Very, Very Rude and Refused To Give ME My Cake Without Payment which was NOT a Part Of The Agreement! | Since it was the Day Of My Birthday and I personally did Not have the time to get into any type of argument/confrontation about my deal/arrangement that I had with Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of The Richmond Kosher Bakery, I just ended up paying for the cake (Which Did Not Even Come With The (20) Slices That I Had Originally Asked For) with my credit card and left it at that! | In Addition: Mr. Raviv Stopnicki was also On Vacation as well and unable to get in touch with until the Very Next Thursday, February 20th, 2020. | When Thursday, February 20th, 2020 arrived, I did contact him by phone and left him a voice message. I also emailed him a note and he eventually responded back to ME by telling ME to Send Him The Proof Of My Reviews and Youtube Videos that I made to show that I did In Fact Promote Him and I did as he had told. | This man obviously has a Big Problem Trusting His Own Kind! Sadly, this man, Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of Richmond Kosher Bakery is Nothing, but a Dishonest Man and a Big User who tried to find a way Not To Give ME My Free Cake by Falsely Stating That My Reviews Were Not What He Was Looking For [After I Did All Of That Free Social Media Work For Him]! | This Man Is A Con-Artist, A Thief And A Huge Liar And Used ME To His Advantage! I basically Worked For FREE whereby My Social Media Writing and Promotional Work is Worth Much More Than His Lousy $30.00 Dollar Cake. I am Very Angry, Upset, Embarrassed And Extremely Shocked that There Are Supposedly Religious People In The Jewish Community Who Are Liars and Thieves! | For Your Information: There Are Many Ways To Steal Money and/or Services From An Innocent Person and This Just Happened To Me! In The 10 Commandments, It Clearly States “Thou Shalt Not Steal”! This Man, Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of The Richmond Kosher Bakery Is Not A Righteous Jew and Failed To Follow One (1) Of God’s 10 Commandments! | The Reason Why I Am Publishing This Truthful, Negative Review Of Very Serious Complaint is to Personally Inform The Jewish Community Of What Kind Of Person You Have Serving Its’ People. Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of Richmond Kosher Bakery Can Do The Right Thing By Reimbursing ME Back The Money He Took From My Credit Card Since We Had A Barter Agreement, Via Email From The Very Beginning. | Enclosed, in the attachments, please find Five (5) Pages Of Communication That I Had With Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of Richmond Kosher Bakery Agreeing To Our Barter And Other Back And Forth Communication For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You. | If You would like to get in touch with Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of The Richmond Kosher Bakery, he can be reached on his cellular phone number at: (647) 830-0892 or at the bakery when he is there at: (647) 776-5995 or by email at: [email protected] | Thank you. | Sincerely yours, | Howard Paul Shore | Angry And Upset Richmond Kosher Bakery >Freelance Writer Through The Google Maps, Tripadvisor and Other Social Media Websites And Youtuber as well! | /HPS | Enclosures: Please Find Five (5) Documents Of The Communication That I Have Had With Mr. Raviv Stopnicki, Owner Of Richmond Kosher Bakery For Your Reference And Further Review Which Include: 1) Message From Mr. Raviv Stopnicki Expressing Interest, 2) My Idea For The Cake, 3) Proof From Mr. Raviv Stopnicki Of Providing The Cake For Free, 4) Proof Of My Social Media Work Being Done With Url Links & 5) Immediate Rejection Letter From Mr. Raviv Stopnicki After All Of My Social Media Work Was Done And Submitted! | PS: I Will Never Communicate, Nor Do Any Type Of Business With Mr. Raviv Stopnicki At The Richmond Kosher Bakery Ever Again!


  • Name: Richmond Kosher Bakery
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: North York, Ontario
  • Address: 4119 Bathurst St #1
  • Phone: 1 647-776-5995
  • Website:

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