Ricky Grullon Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: I have to admit, I really did not want to file a report like this in my life, but now realize that I was the victim of a scam by a 24 year old con-man by the name of Enrique M. Grullon (he goes by Ricky Grullon). As he did to me, Ricky targets older men (and sometimes women) who he believes has money. One individual I know, who had recently lost his mother, Ricky continued to email after he had left while this bereaved and incolsoable man was devastated. He then told him “he’d come back

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: “” and had him buy Ricky an airline ticket and send him a “”Western Union”” so that Ricky could “”pay for expenses related to the return.”” Ricky picked up the money from Western Union

Website: where my friend moved into it and lived for NINE MONTHS waiting for Ricky to return. Continuing to email my friend

Phone: but then never got on the plane. Still trying

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