Ridgewood Marketing North East Pennsylvania Review


:Letter reads as follows: Ridgewood Marketing Address, phone, fax Date: Dec 3, 2009 Claim#: TO50830312 AWARD CLAIM NOTIFICATION Final Notice We have made unsuccessful attempts to contact you regarding your Consumer Rewards Program winning. Your name attached to ticket number 3749065 drew the lucky winning ticket. In accordance with the Consumer Rewards Program Commission policy, your prize award money has been forwarded to our clearing/disbursement institution to release your funds to you. Your lump sum payout is US $8,000.00(EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS) CONGRATULATIONS! Kindly contact Claims agent Lexie Wilberman aat 1-905-598-4720 as soon as you receive this notice for further instructions on how to claim your grand winning. We have enclosed a check for the sum of US$995.88 Per your state regulations, you will be required to pay a tax and processing fee before your lump sum winning can be sent to you. Payment will be made directly to your tax agent. You will also need to fax your tax payment receipt to the fax number above. Yours Sincerely, Lloyd Formerly, Promotion Manager :End Letter: When I called to inquire, “Lexie Wilberman”” could neither tell me exactly where my “”tax agent was located”” nor any information to verify the validity of the letter


or company. She claims the program has no website and also could not name the store which I supposedly gave my name and address to at the checkout which entered my information into this sweepstakes. She claimed there were several stores that pooled their money for contest winners and that I could only find out which store I entered my name at AFTER I cashed my check

paid my taxes to my “”tax agent”” and my claim was closed. She urged me to get this done before the end of the week so they could get me my winnings before December 23rd. She spoke very quickly

was unable to give me any solid information and urged me to cash my check as soon as possible

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