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I wanted to buy a home this agent was listing and I explained that I had enough cash for half but that I needed to sell some assets to come up with the rest. She said her investor was willing to give me 90 days to sell my assets but only if she listed them. | So I agreed and started listing my houses. She also recommended I did some improvements to them to get them to sell for more. So I did. She had full knowledge of my willingness and intention to buy the house she was listing . | I told her to please let me know if they got an offer in writing from someone else because I wanted the house no matter what and i would increase my bid if it it came to that. | She agreed to let me know if someone else put in an offer that was going to be accepted so I could match it .She did not have to tell me how much they bid. Only how much I should bid to get the house. Afterall she was the listing agent for the house I wanted and the listing agent for my properties so i could buy the one she was selling. | Today I find out it was pending by another buyer, she never bothered to let me know. I think she entered into this agreement knowing it was a conflict of interest because she was representing the seller and the buyer of the same property but she did not care, she only felt like she was going to triple her commission. | This is a clear ethics violation because I moved mountains to put my properties up for sale because the buyer was willing to give me 90 days to come up with the cost and they sell it from under me without even giving me any consideration at all.. | I even lost a tenant in one house because I was going to sell it. I lost money and most of all I lost a property I dearly wanted to buy and she knew it. The least she could have done is alert me to the potential offer so I could have had a chance to bid on it to be able to purchase it. Instead she blamed me for it. How can that be if she is supposed to be representing me and the seller ?? Why would I be willing to sell my income properties with her if I was not determined to buy the house she was listing ?? | I will file complaints with the board of realtors and any place I can in order to bring awarness that as an investor realestate buyer, never buy a house directly from the realtor representing the seller of the house you want. They will rip you off and specially in Nevada. | People need to know that they must get their own agent to represent them if they are buying a property with exclusive rights. Otherwise they will be at the mercy of unscrupulous agents that are not looking out for you. | Laura Riede Konopinski was the worst experience in my life and I don’t have much life left. I wanted to purchase something I could retire in and be happy for once in my life and that was shattered by unethical real estate practices.


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