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It is my option that Right Way Home services located in Warren MI will take advantage and rip you off!! They have taken $3,121 from Mr. Gerutta who is a 89 yr old retired veteran for a roofing job that was canceled 21 days after initially filling out the paperwork for job due to financing being denied by the bank. They refused to refund the $3,121 that they kept hounding him for as a deposit and they have provided no work at all for the roofing job nor will they refund any of his deposit back to him. What a way to treat someone who has sacrificed so much for our country. I donu2019t know if they target elderly people to take advantage of, or just donu2019t care about people at all. Either way what they did to Mr. Gerutta is inexcusable and I would recommend anyone out there to stay clear of this company. I would not support a company that takes advantage of senior citizens; instead support a company more deserving of your business. On July 30, 2012 Right Way came out to give Mr. Gerutta a quote for a roofing job totaling $9,363 to roof a 1326 square foot roof. Which in its self is an extremely high quote in my opinion. They told him they could finance him at 17%. 17%! Mr Gerutta said he was not going to finance anything at 17% and would check with his own bank to see about getting a HELOC on his home to cover the amount due. While Mr. Gerutta was waiting to find out about his financing with his own back, Rite Way kept calling Mr. Gerutta and pressuring him into making a deposit of $3,121 for the job. Mr. Gerutta went out and drained his acct to provide them with a Cashieru2019s Check in the amount of $3,121 which was collected on 8-8-2012. Mr Gerutta found out that his financing was denied due to the market value of the home being too low for his loan and called Right Way on 8/21/2012 to cancel the job due to this. Mr. Gerutta said that when he called to ask about his deposit back he was told that they were keeping his money for a year to earn interest and then they were going to put his money in their personal acct. One year later we called to find out about his deposit back and they are telling him now that he never canceled the job he put the job on hold due to his daughter dying of cancer. His daughter had nothing to do with this and we have a document from there company clearly stating that he canceled the job and that he did not want the work done on 8/21/2012. Once we told them this they then said that when he made his deposit with a cashieru2019s check that somehow changed his deal to a cash deal in which would not allow him to receive his money back. Mr. Gerutta had no idea that making a deposit with a cashieru2019s check that they kept asking for would change his contract to a cash deal therefore somehow forfeiting any deposit that was made. After many days of going back and forth the owner of the company offered to give Mr. Gerutta $288 but nothing else. What an insult to take $3,121 from an 89 year old retired veteran for work that was never completed and then say that that will only give him $288 of his money back. I would never do any business with this company or let anyone I know do any business. It is my option that they have ripped off Mr. Gerutta for $3,121 and set up there contract and paperwork to take advantage of people. I would not trust this company at all!!!!!! 13 days had passed from the time he made the deposit to the time he found out the financing was denied and they refuse to refund him his deposit. They are telling us that he only had 3 days to cancel his job to get his money back. Nobody can get financing from there bank for something like this in 3 days. At no point was Mr. Gerutta ever going to pay cash for the deal it was always contingent on being approved for financing with his bank. Right Way has found every way to keep Mr Geruttau2019s money and has done nothing to try to resolve the situation other than offering $288 back to Mr Gerutta which is an insult or taking even more money from Mr Gerutta to do the work. Mr Gerutta is unable to do any work on his roof and would not trust this company after all this has happened anyway.

32480 Mound Rd, Warren, Michigan USA

586) 587-4448


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