Rio Tan Henderson Henderson Nevada Review


I signed a tanning contract to begin on 4-1-08. I was obligated for $89.00/month for 3 months, then the contract could be cancelled as long as it was in writing and ten days before the next billing period (which it was). nOn 7-2-08 my bank account was withdrawn $89.00 by Rio Tan. I called them on 7-3-08 and spoke to a very apologetic employee that informed me this sometimes happens. He promised to reverse the charge and delete my debit card info so I would not get charged again. The $89.00 credit was posted to my account on 7-10-08, and therefore, I assumed all is well. nOn 8-2-08 I was charged again. I called Rio Tan on 8-5-08, but this time was told I would have to speak to the manager (owner) to get it resolved. After dozens of call I finally got a hold of the manager on 8-7-08. I explained the situation to him and asked if I needed to come back in to re-submit a cancellation form. I was told “No

that’s not neccessary; I will take care of it.”” He also told me that my information had not been erased as promised

but he would do it and I could expect the refund in 2-5 days. nI waited a week and called the manager back to let him know the credit still hadn’t posted. He told me to wait until the following Monday and call back if it still wasn’t there. The credit never posted and I was unable to reach the manager. nOn 8-26-08 I called one last time and an employee said the manager was there

put me on hold after asking who it was (by this time they knew me by name)

and then got back on the line and said the manager was with another customer and would call me back. He never did…surprise

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