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> > Dear Rui, > > Im writing your corporate office because I have allowed one of your hotels in Costa Rica the Palace to reach me back. I stayed at your hotel from July 18-23 this year for my wedding. I had some problems with your staff not to mention this was the first time I have every stayed with your hotel. When I go out of the USA I normally stay with the Dreams resort always treated great and a friend referred me to your hotel and she was surprised too with the problems. > > When I arrived on Tuesday July 18 to check in my wedding package included a room upgrade I had to mention it to your staff wasnt already setup. For my wedding I had a total of 8 rooms booked. Some of my guest had problems with the liquor cabinet not being clean and at least 4 bathrooms had no mat in the shower. My mother and myself in 2 different rooms fell in the shower. I inform housekeeping about the mat in my shower never received one just got tried of asking. My mother did get mat in her bathroom but the rest of her vacation she was sore from the fall. Now the other problem with my room the balcony didn’t have a screen and the door didn’t close all the way without you slamming it tight. My room was 3040. My wife did a trial run with makeup and the staff stated they have no African American shade of makeup. She was upset because when she spoke with the wedding planner she insured her that your staff do all ethnic groups not true. Glad my wife had guests on our trip that was able to help with makeup for our wedding day on July 20, 2017. > > My wedding day starter off great with the ceremony at 5pm on the rooftop . My dinner was in the steak house but they didn’t put the shades down so the bugs was a problem first after the shades was put down 45 minutes later. Some guest meals was not cooked properly and had to be sent back and it took more then 20 minutes to return . My reception was at the coconut bar we chosen the L shape table setting for our guest. The table was set up by water and on the diagram it doesn’t show water. Whoever setup the tables up you couldn’t walk around a chair to get to another chair my brother fell in water on his face. The wedding planner was there when it happen and never received towels to dry him off and my guest ask for towels they never came. The sad part my guest didn’t want me and my bride to know there was a problem for our special day. My brother fell before me and my bride was introduced in our reception. The manger Benny Santos was on the evening of July 20, 2017 was not helpful at all he didn’t even offer my brother Maurice Ware a wheelchair. Also your staff didn’t even offer medical assistance to him even if your hotel didn’t offer any they still didn’t give him a number to get his own assistance. The manager that evening took a report and never got back to my brother or even call his room to check on him. Not to mention my brother stayed at your hotel from July 17-24 and he did a couple spa spent over $300 also he went to the hot springs and spend well over $400 in your casino . He was treated so poorly on July 20 after he fell . We was planning as a wedding party to do an excursion couldn’t because he barely could walk and was sore. On July 21, 2017 on our way to breakfast as a group me, wife, brother and sister in law stop at your front desk to get an update of last night accident we was inform the wedding planner Susan would be in after 10am. After breakfast my brother went to his room and there was a note slide under the door from the wedding planner to check on him but when we tried to call her before 1pm she was gone for the weekend. I’m upset because after we spoke with the front desk it seem a note was slide under the door and the staff knew we went to breakfast she was avoiding him just sad with the treatment. After I heard about the note and Susan was gone I request for corporate address the front desk agent couldn’t provide me with the information and I requested the morning manager his name was Borja Fernandez. While speaking with the morning manager he first made it seem like he was not aware of the incident the night before when we asked for a copy he stated it was on his desk and read part of the incident not all . I was then upset because he was aware of the problem when he came in the morning and he didn’t even call my brother room to check on him or to see if it was resolved. I just feel the staff didn’t care and to be honest a great trip for my wedding and honeymoon turn bad because of my problems and then my brother to be hurt didn’t help. Once he got back to USA he had a sprained ankle and a bruised hip and a few black and blue marks. My brother his last two day of his trip was limited by being in his room. I just wanted you to know how I was treated me and my guests my first time was not the best and to be honest maybe my last. Being married they say your first year anniversary you supposed to return back where you had your honeymoon but my place was not the best experience in Costa Rica .. Attached is the diagram you will see that one set of chairs have no space but the other chairs have space to walk around the table. Also it states no water on the diagram. > > Sincerely yours, > Room 3040 > Sameerah O’Bryant & Charae Baulkman > > > > > > > >

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