Riverwind Casino Review


My girlfriend being new to the casino received a five dollar free play that came in a promotional check form. She called to verify the free play an was told she just needed her players card. After driving her from okc to Norman where casino is located an she tried to redeem the freeplay using her card noticed the free play wasn’t on there. She confronted the players club an they said she didn’t have a freeplay. She than speaks with malinda operations supervisor an than was told she did have freeplay at the blackjack table. So we walked to blackjack table an to her emberassment than was told infront of everyone at table there was no such thing as free play at blackjack tables. So she spoke to general manager filling in for general manager jack Parkinson that she had to have the voucher to present to casino an it said this on voucher. The general manager also said the promotions where out sourced an when I asked who they where he wouldn’t tell us the promotional sources name or contact. After arguing with the manager gave me the promotional sources phone number 326-6000. I called it an it went to that managers voicemail. It was a bogus number. Manager also stated they wasn’t going to give out the information I was requesting such as name of promotional source. After much frustration an run around we left an my girlfriend called to file complaint but the security an players club members would not tell her how to go about this an would not give any names. After getting home we read the five dollar promotion sent in mail an it didn’t say anything about having to present that voucher to the casino. Point is its a scam an the casino doesn’t honor it. When ask any questions the workers get on the offensive an rude an are clearly hiding something. They are very corrupt. I personally have spent about 10000 dollars in their casino an can’t even get a name. They won’t even honor a five dollar voucher they say an outside source sent my girlfriend in the mail. I will never go back to this casino an any body reading this be very aware. The machines are rigged an so are tables. The chickasaw tribe an casino has a license to steal. And I bet their doing some illegal activities also. Other wise why would they classify basic info like names. Who sends the promotions?


  • Name: Riverwind Casino
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Norman
  • Address: 1544 OK-9
  • Phone: 405-322-6000
  • Website: www.riverwind.com/

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