RJA Heating & Air Conditioning Review


I contacted RJA Heating and Air to look at our AC unit that would not turn on. I called them because i was referred by my former boss in the AC business who the owner of RJA Heating and Air also had worked for. | While on the phone, i was told because we had both worked for the same AC company in the past and knew each other they would waive the $95 diagnostic fee but if i required parts and additional work i would be charged for that. I agreed and thanked them for their generosity. | What they found was that the unit was fine and the circuit breaker had tripped. They flipped the circuit breaker and tightened two wires to the breaker. The unit turned on. They reported to me the results and i thanked them for coming out and helping me. | Now i am getting late notices for the $95 diagnostic fee. It’s not the money here, it’s the principal. As a company if you fall back on your word on something as simple as this then how far will you go on something big. I will pay the bill but never, never, never use them again because in my mind they flat out lied to me. I did contact them them by phone after i received the first bill in the mail and explained to them that they had originally told me they were waiving the fee when i made the appointment but another notice came in today. | What upset me here is if you are going to waive a fee, stand behind it. Don’t tell me you are going to waive a fee and then turn around and charge me that fee. Just charge me the fee from the get go so i know where i stand.


  • Name: RJA Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Sacramento
  • Address: at 8440 Belvedere Avenue, #7
  • Phone: 916-995-1706
  • Website: www.rjaheatingandair.net/

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