Road Runner Moving And Storage Review


I am the dad of a Son and young family get great job in Cali…must come quickly from Florida. They look for best quote, get it from Roadrunner. $2,000 to move stuff x-country. Son says, thats kind of low. They say, ‘Oh we get that all the time, we have lots of trucks goin to Cali, thats how we can do it so cheap’. They arrive on moving day, 10 hours late at 9pm, son and fam have hotels booked for next 4 days on cross country drive with 2 babies | They immediately state, ‘we made a mistake, its going to be $4000 as the girl who took the order made a mistake in addition.’ Son signs new agreement, hes trapped. Then they say, stuff not packed ‘correctly’, they would have to buy THEIR packing materials and have the guys pack it all over again. Another $700.They do, and leave at 2am with the stuff. They call almost immediately, another error, and it’s going to be ANOTHER $700. | Agreement says 30 days free storage, until they find a place in Cali, then minimal charge for each day after. They tell son to notify when they get a place for delivery. 30 days later, out of the blue, a different mover shows up in town with their stuff, calling at 7am, saying son has to come out now. No place to live yet, in hotel, and not enough cash to pay for trumped up charges but he will have it in a day or tow. They say okay, they will come back in 3 days with the stuff to deliver. 3 days later they dont answer thwe phone, tell them they must contact driver directly, he doesnt answer, voicemail in spanish. | Next day company says they cant find the driver, but he dropped stuff off at a storage facility, they wont tell them where stuff is. They now wnat payment in full PLUS new storage an delivery fees, making total over $8000. Son has already paid $200 in deposit. We think company should deliver stuff for $2100 to follow original $4100 fee, the last one my son agreed to, in writing. No stuff, huge bill, and afraid hes going to lose everything. Help.


  • Name: Road Runner Moving And Storage
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami
  • Address: 1835 NE Miami Gardens Dr #545
  • Phone: (305) 563-3359
  • Website:

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