robbed twice


I financed a tv a wall mount and a hp pavilion all in one touch screen desktop thru conns I paid an additional 600 to 700 dollars for property insurance 4 days after the initial 1 year warranty the desktop began to malfunction I disputed with conns for more than I should have had to get issues resolved but gained no resolution then I had to go out of state for work when I got back on oct 18th I found my house broke into my renter insurance advised me that they would not cover the items from conns as I had insurance through them so I began that process with conns it took them over three months to even start on the matter they wanted me to fill out adjuster paper work despite not being an adjuster they advised me in oct (Steve) to not make payments on acct and they would not be reflected on my credit then the began making negative reports against my credit then their mitigation department started to call and email daily demanding a payment for 460.81 for the wall mount of which I only had half as the other half was attached to the tv that was stolen then they reviewed the acct I got a call from the company customer relations department and was advised that the original finance amount was 6244.92 and to date I had paid 5089.00 of that on 12 -21 they got a check from life of the south the insurance company (the insurance company on my original purchase is Fortegra) #295635 for the amount of 2914.89 and that conns told me they would send me a check for 39.00 for the products which doesnít cover anything not replacement not reimbursement nothing then I got an email stating that on 12/30/20 they mail a check for 179.00 which again does not even come close to covering the 5089.00 I paid for these products that 0werte faulty to begin with its like I am being robbed all over again and I am still out a tv a wall mount and a very expensive desktop insurance papers says that they pay to conns and conns is supposed to either replace the items or give you money back I do not want to replace the items thru conns I donít ever want to use conns again but I do want my money back I called a lawyer they said that I have a case but conns typically likes to drag things out for years and years and often for so long that people drop the case as they can no longer afford the cost of continuing with their legal pursuit. Out money, tv, desktop, half of a wall mount, and my credit negatively impacted.

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