ROBERT 24/7 PC WORK Review


this company is probably India. they called me and told me my computer was about crash and they needed to fix it write now or it would crash. Being ’73 years old and not knowing that much about computers is got scared. said nothing of cost. After thati let him him look at my computer he said i owed him $500.. I hesitated and he finally said I could pay him $299 one time forever service checking and service of my computer. my software. Stupid me, he talked my out into him get into my computer and next he talked me out of my credit card.after he told me that someone could get into into my bank account. He showed me a bogist page showing all the people that had my pass word. I though I made it clear that I did not want to work on my computer but he charged my card anyway. I letr ride because i though he might help me.Did not hear form him till a month ago. He said my computer had malware and said it needed to be fixed right away. After fixing it (?) he said I needed to fix this by buying a special program ($1200) . and it needed to be done tonight. I smelled at rat because I joined HPFriends and had them just that morning. I said I could not pay that. He finally came down to $399. I said ok but the next morning I went to bank and put a stop on the check. He called back next day treating me and using bad language. I told I did not want to I did not want to do business with him anymore righ after the fist contact and spot calling me. I fell at the least this is a bate and switch seam./scam.HIs address is:ROBERT247 PC WORK14350 90TH ST NORTH STE 31867CLEARWATER,FL 33760 831-531-7142PLEASE HELP THE FBI CATCH THESE PEOPLE PRAYING ON OLD PEOPLE.***** ***** **** ****** ***** ** *************** ** ***** **** ********email: ********@gmail.comthank for your attention to this problem..

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