Robert Byrne from Moe Victoria


Robert Byrne from Moe Victoria is nothing but a low life c***. He was married to Jodie Byrne (Love) but cheated on her with Michelle Shanks and her Husband Jason Shanks and become swingers with each other’s partners but then left his wife for white trash Michelle Shanks who is nothing but a mole and uses everyone in her life. Then Robert was cheating on Michelle Shanks with his Granny girlfriend Sue McLaren was Knipping. Robert works as a teacher at Elizabeth Street Primary School in Moe Vic do not trust this man at all. He also has sex with his best friend David. Robert uses people for money sex and makes out his life is so sad and his depressed but truth is he likes to use women for money and sex until he finds the next female or male root. I feel sorry for his kids the lies he feeds them. I hope Robert has a s*** life and everyone finds out about him that his nothing but a swinger and uses people for money and sex he has no heart and he thinks his good looking but truth is his got a big head and his whole head is fat and is very ugly and his ageing which is making him loose his looks and hair. Enjoy your life Robert snd any sad girl that is rooting you tonight in your bed you c***!

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