Robert Herjavec Review


The Biggest Shark of All | Are there ethics in business anymore? What is government for, if it allows fraudulent businesses to suck the capital out their citizenry and the economy with no recourse for that citizenry to defend itself? | One of Shark Tanks finest, perhaps the biggest Shark of all and is referred to as the “leading Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank” in his promotional literature, and for the record, is valued at several hundred millions dollars is able to lend his name to enterprises who absolutely are masters in helping him build that net worth. | Building that net worth in taking money from suckers like me and many hundreds of others knowing their company is fixing to screw its customers by going bankrupt. THAT IS FRAUD AND NOT A MERE CIVIL CASE. | If fact, if I did that in my business practice the feds would be all over me and I would have to make good to my defrauded customers especially if my net worth was several hundred million dollars. Last fall I was duped into buying a service that had to be paid upfront. In a month before I could start using the service the genius of Shark-Tank fame company went into receivership. So now not only did I lose the service having never used it, but now I have to pay-back the loan of the money borrowed to pay for it. | What a great move on my part. And how about the other 20 or so people in my group that did the same thing. A smooth 400k plus gone to the bottom line of “His Will To Win Team” So I guess since the company defrauding, does not have to pony-up to at least the present people who they knowingly took money from in bad faith, then I should at least alert the public, since the Shark Tank guy is taking his pitch to other business areas. | And how are those companies being pitched know that THEY MAY BE THERE TO HELP HIM MAKE ANOTHER HUNDRED Million, promising, but not delivering, the service he or his people purport to deliver in the future! Where does the insanity stop? After all I only paid his company $23,294.00 for a future service and within in 38 days his company went into receivership. | Not he nor his people responded to my email messages, but I do see they are changing their focus as the company that came into this area was Robert Herjavec & the Will to Win Team (a Real Estate Educational Scam). He now may be using similar techniques just calling it the HERJAVEC GROUP. They are advertising all over the internet. | Probable with that 400K he got from those who bought his course along with me. They claim to have offices in the UK, Canada, and of course the good old USA. A place where you can evidently get away with anything if you have enough money.


  • Name: Robert Herjavec
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Orem
  • Address: 274 W 258 S
  • Phone: 800-277-4350
  • Website:

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