Robert Shamie Review


Robert Shamie is a broker that I would never do business with and I only completed the transaction with him because it was too late to Make the change. I am in the real estate business and i work with commercial real estate brokers frequently and i would never do business with him again. I asked him to lock in my rate verbally and in writing and he did nothing. When the rates went up shortly before closing along with his fees he told me I needed to lock my rates which cost me $900. He chalked his failure to lock in my rate to a miscommunication but I don’t know how you can be clearer than lock in my rate. He didn’t apologize either. Not only that but his people took a very long time to approve my loan they were only able to approve my loan three days before closing and they asked the same questions over and over again – and the answers never changed. it was like talking to a wall.

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