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we received invitations at home, went to a 2 hour presentation and 5000 K later, walked out thinking we would get the secret to making real estate millions, but we found out that the 5K only paid for the 3 day seminar we later attended. During that seminar the 40 K + asked to pay was for more training, my partner and i thought we would be millionaires, so we took it. then we found out, this can only be done in the united states, as well, we found out that we needed to pay yet another 15 K to get a coach. it’s mental, no wonder they become millionaires. they hired robert shemin, the world’s best sales person to show us how he donates millions to the charities, and he talks about integrity, we have been busting our behind to get ahead with the business just to find out that everything they said, happens in the united states, and you keep having to buy more, and buy more and buy more. pretty soon, we have to sell the house just to pay off the loan. it’s TOTALLY INSANE. they included a corporation setup, we later found out it was a US corporation, we live in canada. they tell us to get close to a real estate agent to get deals, when we spoke to the agents, they said clearly, do you think that if we get good deals, we work hard to get them, and we just hand them out for free so that others make money, the real estate agents have the deals, thy don’t go get licensed for nothing. when it comes to flipping, you need money down, and you need time to repair, and we spoke to someone who gave a testimonial (after a few months that they gave the testimonial ) they had LOST their jobs, not quit their jobs to do this business full time. so please keep your money tight, and try to be prudent, because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we are 45K poorer now, and trying not to fight about what happened, it’s been pressure on our family since the credit card payments went through the roof with the extra unexpected expense. it was quite the lesson learned. they use words like : we only work with people who are dead set on success, and it’s always limited space, if you don’t sign up now, there will be no room for the next time, we interview people to see if they fit the profile to ” help” them. jerks, we are paying and they say they have to “choose” the people they want to work with, i wish i can tell the whole world what actually happened to us, and send an international mailing to each and every household regarding this scam, just so that they don’t get more rich and take hard working people’s money . NO INTEGRITY

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